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This Bluetooth module can easily achieve serial wireless data transmission. Its operating frequency is among the most popular 2.4GHz ISM frequency band (i.e. Industrial, scientific and medical). It adopts Bluetooth 2.0+EDR standard. In Bluetooth 2.0, signal transmit time of different devices stands at a 0.5 seconds interval so that the workload of bluetooth chip can be reduced substantially and more sleeping time can be saved for bluetooth. This module is set with serial interface, which is easy to use and simplifies the overall design/development cycle.


Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR standard
USB protocol: USB v1.1/2.0
Operating frequency: 2.4GHz ISM frequency band
Modulation mode: Gauss frequency Shift Keying
Transmit power: ≤ 4dBm, second stage
Sensitivity: ≤-84dBm at 0.1% Bit Error Rate
Transmission speed: 2.1Mbps(Max)/160 kbps(Asynchronous); 1Mbps/1Mbps(Synchronous)
Safety feature: Authentication and encryption
Supported configuration: Bluetooth serial port (major and minor)
Supply Voltage: 3.6-6V
Operating temperature: -20 to 55?
Size: 36.5*16mm
Weight: 4g

Pin Description

VCC: positive pole of the power source.
GND: Ground.
TXD: serial interface, transmitting terminal.
RXD: serial interface, receiving terminal.


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Bluetooth Module - HC-06

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