• BYC30Y-600P Hyperfast Power Diode

WeEn Semiconductors BYC30Y-600P Hyperfast Power Diode features low leakage current, low reverse recovery current, and 2-lead IITO220 plastic package. This power diode reduces switching losses in associated MOSFET or IGBT. The BYC30Y-600P diode offers low thermal resistance. This power diode functions at 1.8V maximum forward voltage, 30A average forward current, and 600V repetitive peak reverse voltage. The BYC30Y-600P diode operates at 175°C junction temperature and stored at -65°C to 175°C temperature range. Typical applications include active PFC in air conditioner, high-frequency switched-mode power supplies, and Continuous Current Mode (CCM) Power Factor Correction (PFC).


  • 1.8V maximum forward voltage
  • 30A average forward current
  • 600V repetitive peak reverse voltage
  • 175°C junction temperature
  • -65°C to 175°C storage temperature range
  • 35ns maximum reverse recovery time
  • 60A repetitive peak forward current


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BYC30Y-600P Hyperfast Power Diode

  • יצרן: SparkFun
  • קוד מוצר: OR-7194 / COM-17143
  • זמינות: במלאי
  • ₪20.0

  • לפני מע"מ: ₪17.1

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