• Delta Electronics 12V DC Blower

Delta Electronics BFB1012HD Series offers active ventilation that ensures air circulates throughout the surface of the seat. These fans provide ultimate comfort for the driver and helps to prevent driving fatigue. These fans mount on the cushion or back and connect with duct or another special structure. Fans push/pull air to the seat surface directly.


  • Type: Centrifugal
  • Current Type: DC
  • Operating Supply Voltage: 12VDC
  • Airflow: 18.3 CFM
  • Bearing Type: Ball
  • Noise: 50.5 dBA
  • Speed: 4000 RPM
  • Power Rating: 6.96 W
  • Height: 100mm
  • Depth: 98mm
  • Width: 20mm
  • Housing Material: Plastic
  • Termination Style: Wire Leads
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • Features: Locked Rotor Sensor, PWM
  • Pressure Type: 1.62 H2O
  • Unit Weight: 4.409245 oz


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Delta Electronics 12V DC Blower

  • יצרן: SparkFun
  • קוד מוצר: OR-6956 / COM-16856
  • זמינות: במלאי
  • ₪310.0

  • לפני מע"מ: ₪265.0

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