• Heatsink (Zynq Ultrascale+ Package)

iWave Systems FPGA Heat Sinks for SOMs are designed for the FPGA SOMs Arria10 and Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSOC. The FPGA Heat Sinks are available in a 95mm x 75mm package made up of aluminium material. The devices have a silicone elastomer as a thermal gap pad between the CPU and the heat sink. The rugged and light weight heat sinks can be easily attached with the iWave’s FPGA system on modules.


  • 95mm x 75mm Package
  • Aluminium material
  • Silicone elastomer as a thermal gap pad
  • Rugged and light weight
  • Mounting Style: Screw
  • Fin Style: Forged Fin


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Heatsink (Zynq Ultrascale+ Package)

  • יצרן: SparkFun
  • קוד מוצר: OR-7081 / PRT-17018
  • זמינות: במלאי
  • ₪396.0

  • לפני מע"מ: ₪338.5

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