• Flat Cable 40Pin - (M/M ,20cm) Flat Cable 40Pin - (M/M ,20cm) Flat Cable 40Pin - (M/M ,20cm)

Description: 40 pin flat cable Male to Male - 20 cm long  (28AWG stranded wire)

This is a VERY useful item because you can quickly rip off sections with different numbers of wires.

It can be used to connect to many multipin devices such as, Ultrasonic Sensors, Motion Detectors, etc.

The colors go in the standard ColorCode sequence so it's easy to organize things.

 There are 4 sets of  10 wires in brown-to-black (1 to 10) seqeunce.  

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Flat Cable 40Pin - (M/M ,20cm)

  • יצרן: Other
  • קוד מוצר: OR-4648
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