• Allen Screw Kit Allen Screw Kit Allen Screw Kit

This pack of 4-40 screws comes with a matching hex key. Each screw is 10mm in length. These are left over production stock from the original version of the BigTime Watch Kit so they won’t be around for long.


  • 4x screws
  • 1x hex key

Dimensions: 10mm long

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Allen Screw Kit

  • יצרן: SparkFun
  • קוד מוצר: OR-3337 / TOL-11731
  • מלאי ספק: 0 יחידות
  • זמינות: במלאי
פריט זה נמכר: 2 פעמים
  • ₪4.0

  • לפני מע"מ: ₪3.4

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